Privacy Policy

This is the information we know and keep about you:

  • Your email address
  • Your first and last name
  • The events for which you have purchased tickets
  • How much you paid for your tickets, including whether or not you helped with our processing fees and/or made an additional donation.
  • If and when you actually attended the event
  • What you viewed on our site and when

We do not know or keep your credit card number or other sensitive information. We rely upon PayPal to process your payment and that information never reaches us.

We use your personal information only to communicate directly with you regarding your tickets and/or to address you during the event.

We never give or sell your personal information to any other party.

Some events might be recorded. Your image and comments might be included in the recording. The recording would be available to those users who have purchased tickets to that event; we have no control over who else they might share it with. If you object to being recorded, you can disable your web cam and/or microphone during the event.